Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Positions for Growth

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics Positions for Growth
Minnesota Rubber and Plastics expanded facilities at Mason City, Iowa (Left) and Reynosa, Mexico (Right)


Minneapolis, Minnesota: As part of a global corporate strategy to better position for continued growth while improving delivery and quality, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics recently realigned several of its manufacturing operations.

Through a combination of facility upgrades, expansions and consolidations, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics has improved overall efficiencies across the manufacturing group. Recent actions include the expansion of manufacturing in Reynosa, Mexico and Mason City, Iowa, the relocation of processes from the Watertown, South Dakota and Irvine, California facilities and the subsequent closing of those locations. In addition to more efficient operations, these expansions strengthen Minnesota Rubber and Plastics capabilities within its key customers industries of water, medical & pharma, power and transportation.

Lih Fang Chew, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, Global Vice President of Marketing stated, "These moves reflect the company’s commitment to growth, and to better meet our customers’ needs. We expect to see the benefits of these actions throughout 2015 and beyond."

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is a global leader in the formulation of high performance rubber and plastic parts for the transportation, water, power, medical and pharmaceutical markets. Building on a foundation of over sixty years of advanced material technology and manufacturing experience, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides superior design and production expertise for efficient project implementation with fast time to market.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota and employs over 1,000 employees in manufacturing and sales locations in North America, Europe and Asia. For more information on Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, please contact our Marketing Team at (952) 927-1400.