Custom Molded Filter Screen Assemblies Limit Contamination And Reduce Product Failure – Available From Minnesota Rubber And Plastics

Custom Molded Filter Screen AssembliesMinneapolis, Minnesota: Molded screen insert assemblies from Minnesota Rubber and Plastics are custom designed for water, beverage, off-highway and transportation applications to filter out fluid contaminants and reduce product failure.

A wide range of screen options are available in many materials for difficult filtration applications allowing use with different fluids. Filter assembly orifice sizes available range from 0.71mm to 1.4mm.

Custom designs are available to filter out contaminants of all kinds, from small particles in transmission and hydraulic fluids to those required in municipal water purification systems. Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides strong material science capabilities developed specifically for fluid filtration applications. These capabilities include design, mold and automated assembly facilities for cost-effective filtration solutions.

The design and manufacture of filter screen assemblies and how to successfully integrate them into various product applications is a core expertise Minnesota Rubber and Plastics. The company has over a half century of successful experience as an OEM designer and manufacturer for major global manufacturers in many industries.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics is a global leader in the formulation of high performance rubber and plastic parts for the transportation, water, power, medical and pharmaceutical markets. Building on a foundation of over sixty years of advanced material technology and manufacturing experience, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides superior design and production expertise for efficient project implementation with fast time to market.

Minnesota Rubber and Plastics provides large scale capabilities and partnership programs to handle custom molding of high performance plastics and elastomers with value added assembly and packaging. The company’s corporate-wide quality systems include: ISO 13485, ISO-TS 16949 and ISO 9000 in all North American, European and Asian facilities. These facilities operate under a corporate-wide Environmental Management System registered to ISO-14001.